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Welcome Your New Family Member with Joy

newjoyThe coming of a little new member to your family is exciting for both parents as well as other family members. Baby Shower events are popular throughout the world. The expecting parents or the new parents throw a party for their child, and gain blessings from their friends and relatives. The guests also bring small gifts for the expecting mother.

Now, the parents are more concerned about their yet to be born child so they organize theme based baby shower events. There are great creative ideas for a baby shower themes. Though these events are traditional but make a big impression on the parents especially the mom, and make the day memorable.

Getting Innovative with Themes

The baby shower themes for party are not an easy task to choose. There could be a number of ideas and themes for the event. Some of them are as follows:

1) Tea party theme- Choosing this theme is of great fun. You can organize it in your house or in a local café. In this the tea and the mini sized snacks are served to the guests. The tea is also given in the unique tea cups like small cups or imprinted with mother’s picture or in the shape of cartoon character.

2)Mommy Cravings or Comfortable Food themes- The food of mother’s choice is on focus in this theme. You can arrange for the comfortable food for the mommy. The guests can bring the favorite food of mommy or can recipe it for the host.

3)Diaper party theme- this is another great funny theme. You can ask the guests to gift diapers to the new mom. The cake in the design of diaper would be the centerpiece for all the guests and the host.

4)Jungle Party theme- The jungle theme is an all time favorite theme. The animal print invitation card, cake and dress create the atmosphere of jungle in your party. Decorate the room with green balloons and paper to give it a natural look.

5)Sports theme- If you are expecting a baby boy then sports theme is a great idea. The room can be decorated like a play ground and you can ask the guests to come in the sporty dress. You can also organize games and sports for small duration

6)Nursery Rhyme theme- Everyone enjoys the nursery rhymes throughout their lives. This theme is loved by any baby shower event. You can discuss with your partner and choose the rhyme like Humpty dumpty, Twinkle-twinkle, or any and then decorate the venue accordingly.

In addition to these, there are many more innovative themes that sprinkles up your baby shower party, and marks a warm welcome to the new family member.

Farm Party Ideas Suitable For Your Kids



Kids love animals, so it only makes sense for you to give your baby a nice farm animal party. If you think it’s not possible, simply think that this party could be arranged in many ways. Here are some of the tips for you:

 Ranch and cowboy party- this kind of animal party only takes one whole day. The party will let you see the horses in the stables. Simply let the children see where the horses live and what they eat and how they should be groomed. You can also consider arranging for a rodeo show, eat some home-cooked meals while sitting by the fire and bring the guitar along and sing-along.

 Farm field trip- this could be an enjoyable experience for many kids. Keep in mind that it’s not an everyday kind of experience for many urban kids to visit a farm, so a mobile nursery party like this is definitely an exciting and a different kind of experience for them. They could surely learn about how to milk a goat, a cow or watch one being milked. Moreover, they could even try the fresh milk as well as cheese and even those of the homemade strawberry and apple pie. Kids really do enjoy planning and petting farm animals. Whenever it’s harvest time, your group could surely pick strawberries, corn or other vegetables from the field. These could be easily taken home to eat or to keep as a nice souvenir.

 Hayride- These hayrides could take place anytime of the year, but it would be better in the fall. Kids can surely enjoy a hayride, but they should be under your supervision. The party group could surely enjoy this kind of ride while clapping their hands or singing. The farm, so as the natural scenery will be a fantastic experience for many kids.

 Animal party- you can easily request that the group will dress up as different animals. You can also play games like the Duck Duck Goose and Farmer in the Dell. Other fun games such as pinning the tail on the donkey, the pig or the cow will be interesting as well. Another game option you can consider here is the Ring Toss.

 Fall Barn Party- You can decorate your home with objects such as cornstalks or hay. For such occasion, you could make a sawhorse cow or a horse. Try to ask your guests to come dressed in clothing representative of the early colonial days. This kind of party is totally fun such as Thanksgiving time. There are many activities for these farm parties, depending upon the time of the year it’s being held.

There are lots of planning that you need to do when you are thinking about holding a farm animal party. You can look for advice from parents who have done so before, or simply hire a planner for your kid’s party. So, if you’re looking forward for a nice party for your kids, considering those tips mentioned above would be best for you.